Yay! It’s 2018. Last year was great, but now its time to start over.

Starting a new year leaves you with a clean slate to move on to bigger and better things. It’s a new beginning for all of us which means we have to set a plan for the year ahead, or you could call them goals.

Goals can be as small as reading a book every night, or as big like saving up for a overseas trip. Having a goal leaves you with a benchmark of where you want to be at the end of the week, month or year. Making suitable goals can be hard. Make your goals revolve around things your interested in, such as your hobbies or areas that you feel you need to grow. Do you want to set your goals based on your school work/job? Or do you want your goals based on your mental health, family, or relationships.

Achieving your goals can be hard when you have homework and other things to worry about, so give yourself as many goals as you feel are okay for you to achieve over the course of the year, you can always add more as you go. You can help yourself achieve your goals by making a poster so you can wake up and see it, and by spreading out your goals and doing a certain amount of them a day or week. I constantly remind myself on what they are, until it becomes second nature to practice my dancing or working on my blogs each day. Make sure to stay true to your goals and never give up, I have set alarm with your goals on it is also a good way to remember to do them. And most importantly STAY POSITIVE! I hope, no I KNOW you are going to make this year better then the last.

What is your New years resolution? Comment what your new years resolution will be and what you’ll do to accomplish it.