Choosing to live authentically

I’m Rosalie, a teen lifestyle blogger, big sister, public speaker, event facilitator, TEDx speaker and performer from New Zealand.

By expressing myself I hope to bring you along my journey through self growth and discovery, and allow you to do the same. I hope to share times of true happiness and joy, times full of confusion and feeling lost, and every other moment in between that are a little harder to understand. 

Why I share...

Throughout my life I've found myself putting limits and barriers up, stopping me from reaching my full potential. Being able to express myself through music and writing has helped me work through challenging times. It has given me space to find joy in my small wins, as well as reflecting on mistakes I've made in the past and how to navigate my way through them now.

I exist now to make someone else feel less alone and to be inspired to find their own unique inner beauty, and let it shine.

A performer and musician

I love to write and perform my own music, as well as perform covers, perform in local theatre productions and have taught myself to express who I am through my voice and different instruments. 

I used to think that to be a successful musician or artist I had to have money or the right training, but I have learnt that all you have to be is confident enough to put yourself out there and express yourself whatever way is true to you. 


I find I sing better after a long day of laughter I'm more determined when my goals are not something I chase after I'm kinder to others when I'm kinder to myself not kind as being selfish kind likeRead more

remind me

Driving through my childhood street It looks different when you're on the brink of 18  It seems like each corner just endlessly  Reminds me of who I used to be  Free  Can you remind me of whoRead more

morning motivations

The sun that cracks through my curtains each morning. The way it forms little rainbows across my bedroom walls.  Snuggles with my cat. A warm and playful welcome into a new day as the smell ofRead more

Finding my Fairy Tale ending

It's hard when you’re at school. Surrounded by some of the things you are trying to run away from. Trying time and time again to be better. To be the person you want to be. The person you know youRead more

Trapped in my own skin

So often I find myself letting everything around me influence my decisions; Instagram ‘Influencers’, lame tik tok trends, random celebrities I obese over for one minute who I think will one dayRead more

Apple crumble

🕒 Cook time: 30 minutes 📝 Prepare time: 10 minutes INGREDIENTS: 3-4 apples (peeled and cubed) 100 gram of butter (melted) 1/2 cup of flour 1 /2 cup of rolled oats 1/4 cup of brown sugar 1 tspRead more

Just an NZ teen trying to stay afloat

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The art of practicing gratitude

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Being resilient while drowning in social media

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Easy orange coco bliss balls

🕒 Total time: 10mins + 30mins soak time Makes approx. 10-12 balls INGREDIENTS: 10 dates 1 cup ground almonds 1/2 cup desiccated coconut, plus extra for rolling 1 Tbsp cocoa powder 1 Tbsp orangeRead more

What are your 2020 intentions?

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I am who I am regardless, right?

I hang out with a group of people at lunch. A group I don’t usually hang out with. They give me the vibe that they want me there, but they also make me feel like I don’t belong. Other people makeRead more