morning motivations

The sun that cracks through my curtains each morning. The way it forms little rainbows across my bedroom walls. 

Snuggles with my cat. A warm and playful welcome into a new day as the smell of coffee brews in the kitchen.

Opening a novel. As I read and turn the earthy scented pages, I fill my mind with knowledge and breathe in a sense of accomplishment before my day has really begun.

Morning selfcare. I wash my face with a warm flannel, the steam cleansing my skin as I get dressed and smile at my calm reflection in the mirror.

Fresh air. I head out the door, and take in the chirping birds and the slow revving of cars across my street who also make their way into their new day. 

A day open to adventures. Uncertainties. Life. Growth. And an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of who I am.