I find I sing better after a long day of laughter
I'm more determined when my goals are not something I chase after
I'm kinder to others when I'm kinder to myself
not kind as being selfish
kind like taking care of my health

I find little things that lighten up my world
like flowers by a footpath or
when my hair is nicely curled
like watered plants
and pretty art
and genuine smiles on faces
the joy I have when going with my family and seeing new places

not everyday like this I've now come to see
sometimes I get bogged down and grind my teeth
I no longer try to hide it saying 'it's not you, it's me'
at times I have to tell myself to 'just breathe'

It's the little things that make me smile
spontaneous outings
and saying what I mean out loud
less time on a screen
less time in my head
more early mornings with a cup of tea in bed 

lately I've been exploring what it means to be me
no longer hung up on what could've been

so smile a little more
not because you have to
but because todays another day to learn what it means to

  be you