Stage Life

I am a creative, an artist, a song writer, a performer, a podcaster.

In early 2023 I released my first album ‘Growing Pains’ which is a collection of songs I’ve written throughout my highschool years, releasing my music under the artist name Lehali. Lehali represented the small village that my nana was from in Ureparapara, Vanuatu.

I also have my own podcast ‘Waikato Youth Vibes’ where I talk to different guests who are making moves in their communities, to inspire you to make your own magic. I hope that the podcast is a safe space where rangatahi can express, connect and feel like you as a young person can feel seen and heard as you listen to each episode.

I have met many amazing people and formed lifelong friendships that I treasure.

The Podcast

Kia orana! I’m Rosalie, and you are listening to the Generation Unapologetically Me Podcast.

Generation Unapologetically Me is a place of real and raw youth content from a generation of rangatahi who aren’t afraid to be unapologetically themselves. 


Writing and performing has taken me on an amazing journey. It allows me to connect to my feelings and express myself, but also seek solace in finding myself through the artist Lehali, connecting to my own identity and my family's whakapapa.

You can stream and listen to my music on all platforms now!!

My Performances