Social media can turn you into the next Liza Koshy or make you the newest laughingstock. There are so many creeps larking around your next click. Everything you type leaves a footprint, and who knows who might see it. With the click of a button you can use someone else’s photo and share it as your own, and with a few tweaks and alters you can manipulate the image completely.

Have you ever seen something that made you think through everything you thought you knew? Such as, was the moon landing all just a hoax, did aliens crash land in the New Mexico desert and is Britney Spears singing in her natural singing voice. Do notice what all these things have in common. They all have association with America. No just kidding, but for reals though. Once you’ve heard and seen so many things like this, it makes you question everything you see online. 

You’ve probably seen those posts on Insta or FB, where there are two pictures side by side and its caption goes along the lines of ‘Guys it only took me a surprising 6 weeks, but I got there, all I did was drink this shake’ The photos are obviously photoshopped or the after photo is a completely different girl, with a unrealistic barbie body, that is sadly not humanly possible to have in just over a month, like come on! Yet, some how people believe it. They fall directly in their trap, because they’ve seen so many edits like this, now they don’t even know what is real.

If you’re the type of person to post something like that, I’m not trying to criticize, but it can actually hurt people, like the ones who have been trying for months on end to get a body that’s not even as close to that, and you’re telling me it only took you 6 weeks. Unbelievable.

Now, don’t even get me stared on Snapchat filters. Yeah they might make you have flawless skin, but when does using them go to far. You can use them for fun and games with your friends, sending them back and forth to each other. But then when you take a serious photo and put multiple filters on until its unrecognizable, thats when its a bit over the top. Unless the alien look is what you are going for, then go ahead. Now it might look ‘cool’ but its not even you, the end result is just a picture of a stranger.

I know I’m the last person to judge, so just do what ever makes you happy, and makes you feel like you. If working out 2 hours a day or posting loads of selfies, makes you feel good, you do that. Just as long as you’re comfortable in your own skin, that’s all that matters. Now lets hope to see a real 6 week workout post.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope you enjoyed it. I dare you post a photo of yourself in your true form, no filters, no emoji covering your face, just you. And remember ...


Rosalie xx