The world is filled with 7.6 billion people. 7.6 billion creative brains all unique in their own way, even if they don’t know it yet.

One soul out of the billion has now found where she wants to be, and what she wants to do with her life. She has found one way of expressing herself. It is through blog writing.


Writing blogs is used for a variety of different purposes, whether its fictional, educational, or even political. The theme of my blogs are based around teenage life and life in general. I talk a lot about how to express your true inner self and what that means.

I’ve been blog writing for just over a year now, but I’ve come to a point where I am stuck. I don’t know how to develop and I feel alone. Like there is no one I can relate to. So, I reached out to Seed, a Waikato blogging website, which was screaming at me. Telling me I had to be a part of their kind, welcoming family. I have now found others who think the same way and share the same interests.

I hope that I can help the you guys, learn how to turn negativity, into something positive. Something you work and move on from. Living a positive life will open new doors, new opportunities, and bring you positivity in every aspect. In my blogs, I will like to teach others the importance of being kind. To bring people up, rather than down. Now that I’ve chosen to live life positively and find other ways to improve, it has given me an opportunity that I’m not taking for granted.

Being a part of Seed is an amazing chance to express myself to a wider audience . I hope to help and inspire you to strive to be the best version of yourselves (I mean there’s no point living your life pretending to be someone else). You only have one shot at life, so why not make the most of it. Travel, See the world, Meet like minded people. And just be you. Take every opportunity that comes at you. If it interests you and it’s accessible, try it. You never know what could happen. If it works out, that’s awesome, but, it doesn’t always. Just because you’ve been told NO, doesn’t mean you give up. It gives you a chance to try again.


Keep growing.

Keep learning.

Keep being YOU.

Go back, and prove them wrong. And if you simply can’t find anything that suits you, Create your own opportunity.

Nowadays teenagers can be so negative. We can get stuck in that mindset where you tell yourself things like, ‘I can’t do that I’m too young, there’s no way anyone’s going to listen to me, it’s just too hard. I don’t have enough experience’.

But the thing is, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have, or the environment you work and live in. The reason people will listen to you is because of the passion that you  put into it. Because of the thought and care you put behind your creation. Adding your little flair makes it yours. And no one can replicate that. It gives it that unique view that can come only from you. That’s what people like about it.

I’m excited to be a part of Seed, so that people can see life from a young teenagers point of view, as they do not have anyone as young as me willing to share their story. I want to put mine across for people who can perhaps relate to me. To let them know that they serve a purpose.

Joining Seed will hopefully help find my tribe!